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Polygon count
3D models are made out of points in space that are connected to form polygons. For best results, models should use the least amount of polygons to get the desired visual results. Polygons take memory to render so the number of polygons you can have in a Dimension scene before it impacts performance depends on the hardware being used.
There are many techniques that can be used to reduce polygon count, such as baking high-resolution details into a normal map instead of using polygons.
UVs are a coordinate system used in 3D that tells the application what part of a 2D image is placed on what part of a 3D model.
This allows textures and images to be placed onto the 3D model.
If your model does not have UVs, Dimension adds UVs automatically at import but they will not be customizable within Dimension. For best quality, it is recommended that the 3D artist add UVs to the object prior to importing.
Every polygon has a normal property, which tells the application the direction in which the polygon is facing. Dimension does not have control for normals. Therefore, it is important that normals are set to be uniform and facing outward prior to importing to Dimension as back facing and uneven normals render black.

If your model does not have any normals then Dimension automatically adds normals automatically at import..
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